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What is the Canon Corporate Service Training Program

Canon CSO is pleased to offer the Canon Corporate Service Training Program to qualified Business Customers. This program will provide personalized training in a classroom environment, instructing on basic Camera or Video repair and maintenance techniques. In the business world imaging equipment is often subject to harsh environments and heavy usage. Depending upon the equipment and maintenance performed, significant savings may be realized from maintaining your own gear.


A on staff Maintenance Technician can assist photographers / videographers in the day to day upkeep and Maintenance of Camera and Video equipment. Once enrolled, individuals  complete a brief online evaluation, after which a customized training program is  developed by Canon trainers. Training will primarily consist of a three day long classes for DSLR/EF Lens, or Video products. Based upon evaluation results, an Entry level class will be offered to those who require additional support. This one day class is specifically designed to prepare trainees new to photography and/or mechanical/repair concepts.

Those who successfully complete the Camera or Video courses will be certified as Maintenance Technicians. Certified Maintenance Technicians are qualified to maintain and perform minor repairs on their companies Canon equipment.*. Technical support will be provided for Maintenance Technicians for one year upon completion of training.


A company repair history analysis can be performed for those who qualify (if applicable), to determine potential program cost benefits.


* Maintenance Technicians are prohibited from performing maintenance on any equipment, not owned by the Canon customer that sent them to training..

Terms and Conditions

Individuals who enroll must work for the company contracting this service, at the time of their enrollment. Individuals are prohibited from working on Canon equipment, outside the company they worked, at the time of their training in the Canon Corporate Service Program.

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